Anthony Dissen, MPH, MA, RDN

Plant-Based Dietitian and Integrative Health Educator

  • Plant-Based Nutrition & Education
  • Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Medical Qigong Therapies
  • Introspective Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy 
  • Contemplative Spiritual Guidance
  • Yoga
  • Energy Medicine
  • Nature Medicine & Shamanism 

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Anthony Dissen, MPH, MA, RDN is a life-long student of holistic living and nutritional science. Utilizing plant-based nutrition and holistic/integrative therapies, Anthony works to empower those he works with in his classes, workshops, and programs. 

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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Anthony, and I am a Plant-Based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Integrative Health Educator. I currently live and work in the Central New Jersey and Jersey Shore areas, where I teach and counsel clients, students and members of the greater community on how to live a more healthy, peaceful, fulfilled, self-actualized, and vibrant life based on the philosophy and wisdom of plant-based nutrition, holistic health care, and contemplative spirituality.

What is often missing from our healthcare system (and culture as a whole) is a feeling of empowerment; that we the individual have the ability to take control and responsibility for our lives and our health. I believe that no matter what kind of healthcare therapies we decide to use, whether Allopathic or Holistic in nature, it ultimately should be something that leaves us feeling more empowered and in control of our health, not confused and vulnerable. The wisdom, art, science, and knowledge passed down to us from all of the great traditions of the world (past and present) all share a powerful common trait: that the true power to heal and grow and expand as a human being is an innate quality we all share and contain without ourselves. 

Please feel free to explore this site to learn more about my work, and how you can work with me to directly to assist you in your healing journey. Do not hesitate to Contact me to ask any questions, and please take time to learn about upcoming Events and Workshops. Also, be sure to view our Resources page to discover other healers, therapists, and organizations in New Jersey that are equally dedicated to bringing you health, happiness, and joy!

In the depth of Winter, I finally learned there was in me an Invincible Summer  

- Albert Camus

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