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Plant-Based Dietitian and Integrative Health Educator

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Going Plant-Powered: Tips for Optimal Nutrition
Wednesdays February 6th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st  
Gild'a Club of South Jersey
Linwood, NJ
Free to Members of Gilda's Club

February 6th- Basics of a Plant-Based Diet: Whether the goal is to prevent disease, aid in current management of a health condition, or prevent recurrence of a chronic illness, the evidence is clear: plant-based diets are the best dietary approach to health, wellness, and vitality. This month's presentation will go over the basics of what a plant-based diet is, the evidence that supports a plant-based diet, and how to realistically incorporate more plants into your daily diet. 

March 6th - Food Label Reading, Food Shopping, and Eating Out: 
There are many healthful foods that can be purchased to make healthy cooking more convenient. And food labels can be a great tool to assess the healthfulness of foods, but they can be difficult to read. This month's presentation will focus on how to decode and better understand how to read food labels when food shopping to make the healthiest purchases possible, as well as eating food away from home.

April 3rd - Culinary Medicine Techniques: Food is more than just its nutrients. The way that we prepare our food can powerfully enhance its nutritional quality and medicinal effects. This month's lecture will go in depth into how we can make small adjustments to how we prepare our food to increase its overall benefits. This will include specific foods, spices, teas, and cooking methods that increase the ability of our meals to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and increase the nourishment we receive from our meals. 

May 1st - Plant Powered Cooking Demo:  Let's get cooking! We will take the lessons we have learned and put them into practice in creating tasty, healthy, and simple to prepare meals. 

To Register: Contact Gilda's Club of South Jersey 

​Eat Better, Live Better Series - Spring 2019

January 12th, February 9th, March 2nd, & April 6th

Hamilton Fitness and Wellness Center
Hamilton, NJ
Open to Members of the Breast Cancer Resource Center of New Jersey

Since 2010, the "Eat Better, Live Better" series has been offered to members of the Breast Cancer Resource Center of New Jersey. Each  month we explore a topic that relates to Plant-Based Nutrition, Cancer Prevention, and Lifestyle Medicine that is given through a combination of discussion and a cooking demonstration and tasting! 

     January 12th -Nourishing Soups & Stews
     February 9th - Foods for a Happy Heart
     March 2nd -Eating for a Healthy Mind
     April 6th - Cooking for Better Bones 

The Plant Powered Program 2019
Wednesdays June 12th to August 14th
​3:30pm-5pm & 5:30pm-7pm

CentraState Medical Center
Freehold, NJ
$169 per person

We are incredibly excited for the 5th offering of the Plant Powered Program!! This is a 10-week program that will introduce you to the role that a plant-based diet can play in preventing, managing, and reversing a great number of chronic diseases and illnesses. This revolutionary series will guide participants on how to adopt a nourishing, nutrient dense, plant-based diet through a series of Cooking Classes, Workshops, and Weekly Support Meetings. Additionally, participants will receive Biometric Screenings (Weight, Blood Sugar, and Blood Pressure) and the beginning, middle, and end of the program so participants can have evidence of how their own health has changed over time. Participants will also be able to meet with me for one-on-one consultations and support throughout the program. 

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​There will be a Free Informational Sessions Wednesday, May 22nd, at 5pm. Click Here to Register

To register for the 3:30pm-5pm 10-Week Session, Click Here

To register for the 5:30pm-7pm 10-Week Session, Click Here